How to increase the value of my property?

One of the biggest attractions of buying a property is that over time they tend to increase in value and become great investments. However, we can always improve certain aspects of a property and ultimately make it more valuable. Do you want to know how to increase the value of your property?

Internal factors that increase value

Undoubtedly, remaining hand over fist does not seem the most sensible option if we intend to sell a house that has a lot to offer, but needs to be encouraged to carry out certain changes so that its full potential can be realised. Specifically, we recommend that you review the following:

1- Make you home greener

We are increasingly concerned about living in houses that consume less and, of course, have a lower impact on the environment. There is a lot you can do in this respect and we are sure that these improvements will be enthusiastically welcomed by potential customers.

For this reason, we encourage you to install a more efficient boiler (such as an aerothermal boiler that extracts energy from the air), solar panels or even windows that insulate the house from the cold outside in winter and from the heat in summer. In this way, you will combat energy waste and lower your energy bills.

2- Lighting in the home

We must also pay attention to an aspect as crucial as lighting. A dark house does not usually arouse great passions. The use of LED lights and motion detectors has become so popular in home automation as they allow us to save money by only switching on when someone is in a specific room. In short, simplify your day-to-day life and let your home be filled with comforts such as those described above.

3- Layout of the house

A modern and practical layout is one of the most important factors when it comes to deciding a sale. We recommend that you try to gain space, especially if the house is small. Remeber that functionality must come first. Therefore, avoid long corridors and rooms with corners that do not contribute anything… In short, if you want to know how to increase the value of a property, start by not wasting space and opt to remove the necessary partitions, if this allows you to gain light and some much sought-after metres.

External factors that increase value

Of course, there are a number of aspects that justify one property as being worth more than another. You may already know what they are. In any case, let’s go over them:

1- Location

A property located in a neighbourhood that enjoys all kinds of services or that has a privileged location in an area close to the beach or a natural spot of undoubted value also arouses greater interest amongst buyers.

In addition, the presence of green areas, sports fields, as well as public services and schools also score highly.

In short, an optimal location is clearly reflected in the price, which will be higher or lower depending on the specific circumstances.

2- The real estate market

Of course, we are subject to the inherent fluctuations of the labour market which, like any other sector of commericial activity, is affected by supply and demand.

In conclusion, if you intend to sell a property, don’t make the mistake of selling it without introducing certain reforms that will ostensibly improve your chances of selling it, so get stuck in and you will see what a change it makes!

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