Why could renting be your next big real estate decision?

Renting a luxury property could be a perfect solution to your future planning. Whether you haven’t yet found the perfect home to buy or you’re dreaming of an extended holiday, renting can meet your current needs and save you some of the compromises that come with home ownership. Also who’s to say that renting won’t bring you one step closer in your search for your next home? Here are some of the benefits that luxury rentals can offer, allowing you to combine your plans with the unexpected.

A change of scenery, no strings attached

For those who feel the need for a change but do not have the ability or the time for house hunting, a luxury rental offers an immediate option for escape and novelty. Renting allows you to explore different areas and climates that you might not otherwise discover. Have you always wondered about life in the wilderness, or been curious about spending time in a secluded luxury cabin in the woods? Renting first is the perfect way to satisfy those curiosities, sampling a region before committing to buying a home there. Once in love with the area, buying a property becomes a much easier decision to make.

A way to enjoy a longer holiday

Renting gives you more than an opportunity to inspect a new area before you buy, it is an opportunity to enjoy a holiday with family or friends over an extended period of time. Living in a space with novel décor and friend views can provide a respite from the everyday and help you relax. With renting, there is also the flexibility to customise the length of your stay: a luxury rental can be the perfect place to balance work with intimate gatherings, rest and relaxation.

Comfort without the maintenance

This is possibly the best aspect of renting a luxury property compared to owning one. There is less maintenance. As landlords know, buying a property can come with its own considerations and challenges, as renovations, landscaping and general wear and tear of furniture and appliances. With a rental, the landlord or property manager takes care of everything, so you can fully enjoy the space knowing that your stay will me maintained.

Access to a range of services

Many luxury rental properties offer incredible amenities that you may not yet have encountered in your home search. Private swimming pools, beach access, home cinemas, games rooms, sports facilities and gyms are the main benefits that rental may include. You can discover certain amenities for your next home purchase by trying them out temoprarily.

Renting is not only the perfect step for deciding where you would like to own a home, but it is also an excellent long-term option. Renting offers the peace of mind of being free of property taxes. It pays to keep renting a luxury home as an option in your real estate decision process.

Here you will find the most spectacular properties for rent at the moment:


This beautiful contemporary style finca, located in Llubí, reflects the magical fusion of culture and architecture.


This idyllic finca in the countryside of Menorca is surrounded by nature. Its unobstructed views allow you to see all the way to the sea, whilst being far from any other house in the area.


This spectacular villa is located on the coast of San José and is immersed in the forest, offering total privacy in a relaxing environment.


This elegant penthouse is located in the neighbourhood of Justicia in the centre of Madrid, close to a variety of shops and restaurants.

If you need more information about renting a property in Spain, contact info@vivasir.com or call 0034 971 721 000.

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